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Greek Life Video

Celebrate the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood with Orchid Media's captivating fraternity and sorority videography services. Whether you're hosting recruitment events, showcasing philanthropic efforts, or capturing the excitement of Greek Week festivities, we specialize in creating dynamic videos that embody the spirit and tradition of Greek life.

Based in Philadelphia and with prior, personal Greek Life involvement, our experienced videographers understand the unique dynamics of sororities and fraternities, and the importance of preserving these cherished memories for years to come. From lively social events and heartfelt ceremonies, to meaningful rituals and community service projects, we'll work closely with you to capture the essence of your Greek life experience.

We'll bring your sorority or fraternity's story to life on screen, creating videos that resonate with current and future members alike, and evoke a sense of pride and belonging. Whether you're looking to recruit new members, promote your chapter's achievements, or simply document your journey, we'll tailor our approach to suit you.

SJU - APhi 2020
SJU - AGD 2023
WCU - APhi 2020
Aphi St. Joes 2022
WCU - APhi 2018
WCU - APhi Hoops 4 Heart 2019
WCU - APhi Bid Day 2019
Triptent Covid Procedure
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